Here’s great news when it comes to your child’s learning! There’s a program for each child. No matter what age and no matter where their interests lie, they absorb knowledge through the 4 C’s of STEM: Collaboration, Creativity, Communication, and Critical Thinking. Group work coupled with practical applications and enhanced with delightful play will allow children to come away with a deeper understanding of their place in the world, how it works, and how they can make it better.

Kids develop critical thinking wherein they not only collect data but process and analyze it for maximum results. They become scientifically literate, making them at ease with the language and concepts of each field. And their wealth of knowledge gives them solid ground for future innovations.

SMILE offers four exciting, highly explorative and sufficiently investigative programs: The Toddler Program, Smile Group Camps, Engineering for Kids, and Challenge Island.

We’ll help nurture children’s curiosities in an environment that allows them to blossom naturally.